Corporate Responsibility

Giving you more reasons to feel good about the food you love requires unwavering dedication to do the right thing for our communities and the environment.

We want our products and behavior to make you feel good, on the inside and out. We want our brands to make you smile because you know that they were made by people who love what they do, take pride in the company they work for, and care about our communities and the planet.

At ConAgra Foods®, our corporate responsibility program is a natural extension of our mission statement and operating principles. We have identified three strategic planks that reflect and articulate our values as a responsible corporate citizen: Good for You, Good for the Community, and Good for the Planet. Within each of these three planks, we focus on material initiatives that we believe will be impactful to our business and stakeholders, and that represent our role in the industry and marketplace.

2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

If you'd prefer a more formalized format, our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report is available for you to view.

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