What Are Egg Beaters?

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The Benefits of Egg Beaters

All Egg Beaters products are made with all-natural egg whites. Our 100% Egg Whites are just that- 100% all natural egg whites, conveniently packed in a carton.

Egg Beaters Original starts with egg whites too- in fact, its 99% egg whites. We season them, add in beta-carotene to naturally color the egg whites, and then add back in vitamins and minerals that are found in the yolk of an egg. Egg Beaters Original is a great option if you prefer a taste and experience closer to eating a whole egg. Some people don’t even notice the difference!

Egg Beaters Original comes in three additional flavors- Southwest, Florentine, and Three Cheese. Filled with real ingredients, they’re a great way to add variety to your meals, in a healthy and easy way.

Why Choose Egg Beaters over Shell Eggs?

The truth is, eggs aren’t bad for you- but they do contain significant amounts of some of things many of us want to cut back on- like calories, fat, and cholesterol. A good amount of these things are found in the yolk. That’s why we believe by making delicious products from egg whites, we can enjoy all the great foods made with eggs, in a smarter way.

Whether you choose our 100% Egg Whites, Egg Beaters Original, or one of our tasty flavor varieties, you can be sure that Egg Beaters are lean and healthy, protein-packed addition to your meal.