About Egg Beaters

All the Goodness of Eggs, Only Better

When your recipe calls for eggs, reach for something smarter. Whether you're looking for healthier options or an easier source of protein, Egg Beaters® has the right choice for you.

Original Egg Beaters are 99% All Natural egg whites. We leave the fat and cholesterol of shell eggs behind by taking the yolk out. Then we add back in the vitamins and minerals that are lost when the yolk is removed. Original Egg Beaters are naturally colored with beta-carotene, so Egg Beaters aren't just deliciously easy—they're also naturally delicious.

Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites are all-natural, with all the protein of Original Egg Beaters and none of the fat and cholesterol of shell eggs—and only 25 calories per serving.

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Variety Is the Spice of Health

If you’re looking to create a healthier and more nutritious menu, finding recipes that appeal to your palate is the first step. You really have to want to eat healthy foods to start healthy habits, and a touch of variety can help. To make your menu more appetizing and exciting, Egg Beaters offers varieties to help spice things up: Try Southwestern Style, Three Cheese, and Florentine.

Fresh ideas for your menu

When you eat the same thing every day, your meals can become a bland routine. As you're putting a grocery list together, think about how you can add something new to your menu for the upcoming week. Enjoy the morning over Open-Faced Egg Muffins. On your lunch break, try a Spinach, Tomato, and Feta Omelet with a small salad on the side. And for a small snack, get a taste of Banana Nut Bread. Browse our fresh selection of recipes to learn how to make these and other delicious dishes.