Egg Beaters Recipes

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From healthier breakfast recipes to tasty dessert recipes, use Egg Beaters® for a nutritious alternative to shell eggs.



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Iced Pumpkin Spice Cake

Total time: 1 hour

Leftover Turkey Frittata

Total time: 25 minutes

Cranberry-Apple Bread

Total time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Pumpkin Flan

Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Total time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Day-After Thanksgiving Frittata

Total time: 30 minutes

Guilt-Free Pumpkin Pie

Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Cake

Total time: 2 hours

Holiday Eggnog

Total time: 2 hours 10 minutes