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Weight Loss on the Fast Track

At Egg Beaters®, we’re big fans of simple swaps that can make a huge difference in your health. When you choose to swap Egg Beaters for shell eggs in your dishes, you instantly eliminate some calories, fat, and cholesterol. Egg Beaters are great for breakfast dishes (of course!), and they are versatile enough to be used in all types of recipes as a replacement for eggs.

And, because Egg Beaters are a good source of protein, they can help you stay full longer. Learn more about the benefits of protein.

A healthier and more nutritious menu is an important part of any weight loss plan—and palate-pleasing recipes are the place to start. You can spice things up with our Southwestern Style, Three Cheese, and Florentine varieties. And browse our Recipes for delicious ideas for breakfasts, desserts and more.

You also can find Egg Beaters in Single-Serve Perfect Portion packs. They’re the perfect way to help you control your portion sizes—with 11g of protein and just 60 calories!